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Karate training will improve health, self confidence and overall well-being. Parents and teachers regularly report on the improvement in school work and behaviour of children who train regularly. Shotokan is a style of karate developed by an Okinawan teacher Gichin Funakoshi who introduced it to Japan in 1922. Shotokan has become the most widely practised style of karate in the world.

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Enfield Karate Mission Statement

To introduce and firmly establish karate-do as a structured and modern interpretation of the Japanese/Okinawan/Fujian martial arts
To continue studying, preserving and transmitting the correct history and original teachings of karate-do through it's history, culture and techniques
To promote public awareness and interest in karate-do and to encourage participation by all members of the community
To honour and preserve this important tradition and it's pioneers.
To help and assist those who need our support without reservation.
To teach the original teachings of kata through the Habitual Acts of Violence theory.
To promote peace, health and harmony through the practise of karate-do
To encourage friendly association with like minded groups and individuals

Enfield Junior Karate Training

Enfield Junior Karate Club has been running children's karate classes since 1990 and takes children of all abilities from the age of 6 years -16 years.

The junior karate classes are run by sensei Richard Forster 4th dan and last 60 minutes. These sessions are completely separate from adult classes. Enfield Karate Club instructors ensure all children enjoy their training in a happy, safe and disciplined environment. Parents and teachers often comment on the improvement in schoolwork and behaviour from children who train regularly. Karate training helps improve health, self confidence, self esteem and produce a sense of worth with all our students.

Our children's karate program teaches much more than martial arts, it teaches students to be good citizens and helps prepare them for their future lives. The young students at the Club are treated with respect and are taught to respect others. We also instill in our students that wherever possible conflict should be resolved in a non violent manner.

Like our adult classes the children learn the basic techniques of punching, kicking and blocking (kihon), stances, pre-arranged sparring (kumite) and solo drills (kata).

Enfield Junior Karate Club has a wealth of good instructors and classes with grading's held every 3 months, which are not compulsory but are the way the children progress to a different coloured belt.

All Instructions are DBS checked and fully first aid qualified.

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Please Note - for insurance reasons, we do not train children 2, 3, 4, 5 years of age. Children training starts at 6 years old.

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Enfield Karate Adult Training

Enfield Karate Club, now Seishin-Ryu, which used to be at Bullsmoor Lane is one of the countries oldest established karate clubs, and has been teaching karate for over 30 years. Practically everyone teaching karate in the area has been through it's doors at one time or another.

Our club has a friendly atmosphere and students are encouraged to ask questions. The sessions are run by sensei Paul Shephard 7th dan and sensei Richard Forster 4th dan. The club runs beginners courses for both men and women of all ages (the current age range of the class is 16-71 yrs), and also welcomes more advanced karateka of any style who wish to advance their knowledge of karate-do.

Karate training will improve fitness, self confidence and overall well-being. In today's high stress environment more and more people are training to help them cope with the pressures of everyday life as well as the fighting technique benefits. The new student will begin with learning basic techniques (punching, kicking, blocking) and stances, before moving on to pre-arranged sparring (kumite) and solo drills (kata).

The student will then progress to learning advanced fighting technique applications in two person and solo drills, which are presented in a safe, effective and non-competitive way. We believe that through a combination of physical training and personal introspection, correctly taught karate training can bring out the best in everyone and help them to achieve their goals in life.

The classes are both physically and mentally challenging whatever level the student is at, whether a complete beginner or a someone with many years experience. As the Club has a wealth of senior dan grades, classes are normally split according to grade and technical ability.

No matter what experience the student may have, all the instructors try to offer a supportive environment and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

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Enfield Karate Training Sessions

Saturday Training: 14:00 - 16:30hrs
14:00 – 15:00 - Juniors, any grade 7 - 15 years old
15:00 – 16:00 - Children over 16 years, adults of any grade
16:00 – 16:30 - Advanced karate training - children and adults 3rd Kyu and above

Wednesday Training: 18:30 - 21:00hrs
18:30 - 19:30 - Juniors, any grade 7 - 15 years old
19:30 - 21:00 - Advanced karate training, all adults (any grade) plus children (3rd Kyu and above) welcome to attend

Honbu Dojo: Lancaster Rd
Community of Christ Church Hall
49 Lancaster Rd